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Corinne IS the cat whisperer...

Michelle T. & Jixy

"We've been seeing Corinne now for about eight years, ever since my cat Jixy became sick. Corinne is the most patient, kind, and loving vet I've ever had the privilege of knowing, and I'm so glad she's right down the street for Jixy if we ever need her. She is truly a cat lover, and ensures every visit is thorough and complete. There are always thoughtful follow-ups and reminders, so we know she truly cares about us! I have referred my friends and neighbors to her, and everyone is very happy with her care."

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Miracle recovery...

Jim, Madeline & Thomas Passantino

We'd like to thank Dr. Thomas and the staff at For The Love Of Cats for saving Thomas' life. Just when we thought we were going to lose him, he miraculously recovered due to the efforts of Dr. Thomas. As cat owners for over 25 years we never received the care and concern that we receive at For The Love Of Cats. - Jim & Madeline Passantino